The Priest Foundation Grants

Organisation is called ‘Achieve Thrive Flourish’ –

Are requesting support to enable them to deliver sports based sessions to young people who have been sectioned and are currently residing in Rochford Mental Health Ward. Funding will enable ATF to work on the ward and it’s grounds one morning per week to provide meaningful activites which will include Boxing, Yoga, Tennis and Impact Fitness. They will also facilitate games and activities that stimulate interest and discussion.

Organisation is called ‘Safe Steps’ –

Are requesting funding to support salary costs for Counselling co-ordinator. They provide counselling for survivors of domestic abuse, who are no longer in an abusive relationship but who still need support with their mental health. This counselling enables survivors to feel more in control of their lives and reduces anxiety and depression.

We have given a split between the two charities this year of £1327.

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