Richard’s Land’s End to John O’Groats Cycle page

I have always wanted to cycle the length of the UK while raising money for a cause which is very dear to my heart, Mental Health in the local area.

The ride is 1000 miles over 12 days , through 3 countries and 12 counties and is described as the toughest UK cycling challenge. Charities need money more than ever and Mental Health has never been more important to support as it is right now, just £50 will give a counselling session to someone who is in need so please give what you can.

The mission of the Priest Foundation is to improve the lives of people with mental health issues and make counselling more accessible for everyone in the Rochford District and Southend area. One of the ways they can do this is through a grant programme, which allows approved applicants to receive counselling paid for via
the foundation. I believe in the value of conversations about mental health and trauma and want to pave the way for recovery. Thank you so much for your support and donation.

Donate here.

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