How we started?

The mission of the Priest Foundation is to improve the lives of people with mental health issues and make counselling more assessible for everyone in the Rochford District and Southend area. One of the ways we are doing this is through our grant programme, which allows approved applicants to receive counselling paid for via our foundation. We believe in the value of conversations about mental health and trauma and want to pave the way for recovery.

How It Works

The Essex Community Foundation Receives letters daily, if that letter meets our criteria from our mission statement we will receive a letter or letters to our house and it’s up to us to choose who or all we can help. So the more money we have in the Foundation the more people we can help across the District of Rochford and Southend.


We have already received £27,500 worth of donations as it stands.

We have had a big response from Councillors around the district and Southend who want to help with reducing their costs to help our Foundation to as little as £50.00 an hour.

"I’m really enthused by the passion everyone has shown to want to help the people in our community"


Let’s Help People Together!