Batik Workshop

Batik Workshop

Dear Aron


First of all I would like to thank you for your donation to Wellbeing at Garon Park. As we discussed when you visited the site, we are very keen to develop an Arts and Craft offer onsite which we feel will sit well next to the sports, horticultural and conservation offers. Ultimately the creative offer would be located in the scoreboard building which will be re-developed into an arts and crafts permanent facility on site. While we are getting the plans in place and identifying the funding routes for the project, we still believe it is important to offer arts and crafts due to the beneficial impact this can have on peoples health. We have therefore formed a partnership with Open Arts who offer creative sessions for people experiencing mental health problems to offer 2 programmes.


The first will be a 6 week course of flag making offered by a specialist artist. The workshop will be free and targeted at those who wish to improve their mental health through this partnership with Open Arts. Part of your funding will be used to deliver this programme and we will keep you posted on the outcomes achieved. I have attached the draft poster for this programme for your information ( there are a couple of changes required but I wanted to show you so you knew how your funds were being used)


The Second is an open arts 12 week programme which was not previously available within Southend, see link for more information this will start in September and we will be working with the Garon Park Shed and also the Mid Essex Hospital Trust to promote this programme.


We really appreciate your support and will continue to keep you informed on our progress. Equally, given your expertise in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us and provide advice, support or even referrals of people you feel would benefit from either of these programmes.


Kind regards


Caroline Reynolds

Commercial Development Manager

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